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The Garson Team "Secret Sauce"

At the Garson Team, we stand out by utilizing all available technologies to market your home, leveraging video and social media. Our expertise lies in creating captivating video listings that generate significant interest. Through strategic social media utilization, we ensure your listing reaches thousands of motivated, serious buyers. Our unique approach supercharges your marketing efforts, expediting the process of finding the right buyer.

One-Of-A-Kind Marketing

The Garson Team takes pride in revolutionizing real estate marketing with unparalleled creativity and innovation. Renowned for our one-of-a-kind approach, The Garson Team goes above and beyond to infuse each property with top-level, out-of-the-box marketing ideas tailored to attract precisely the right buyers. Our strategy extends beyond conventional methods, including strategic collaborations with influential social media figures, hosting engaging events, and implementing various promotions. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing proven results that set them apart in the competitive real estate landscape.


In 2023...

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At The Garson Team, we redefine real estate promotion through exciting collaborations with influencers like Caleb Simpson, The European Kid, Stay At Home Daughter, Enes Yilmazer, Brooks Nader, and others. With millions of followers, these icons join forces to showcase properties using fun sketches, dynamic tours, and engaging content, ensuring our listings stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Our events spark conversations that linger for months, creating immediate buzz and ensuring our listings remain a hot topic long after. By seamlessly integrating traditional and effective marketing strategies, from impactful social media posts to immersive property tour videos, we consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for our listings.

In House Marketing Agency

Founded by Garson Team Team Leader, Ryan Garson, Very Social is a creative and social media agency that specializes in building and amplifying the brands of real estate professionals around the country through tailored social media strategies.


Today, Very Social's network includes a full creative studio capable of end-to-end production of photo and video content, with personalized graphics, colors, and fonts. The copywriters develop captions to best capture your voice, while the growth team continually investigates top trends and devises strategies to increase your engagement and visibility.


Grow with Very Social, get to know them better—it’s good to be Very Social!

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