This past August I was on the apartment hunt as I wanted to relocate back to Manhattan after retiring from a 30-year teaching career. I reached out to Ryan Garson from a referral of a friend of mine and 15 minutes later, I got a call. Ryan was calling from a hospital room while waiting for the birth of his first child. How exciting! Two months later, I have my new home because of his great efforts and constant assistance. He helped me, a new homeowner, with the bidding process in which there were other competitive offers. Ryan provided me information comparing the values of other apartments in the building and comparable apartments in the area. This enabled me to decide on an offer that prevailed. Then the work began! Ryan gathered and properly presented the necessary information for the board package. All of this was accomplished under a tight time frame. With the birth of Ryan’s daughter and my gaining a new home, I feel we are both blessed. I can truly recommend Ryan Garson as an outstanding real estate broker.