The Very Social BrokerWhile The Garson Team was beating personal bests in sales last year, I was quietly working on a project of my own. As many of you know, I’m known for using innovative marketing techniques  in selling real estate, most notably the use of social media.

I’ve done $300 million in transactions since starting my brokerage with social media being my primary marketing tool. Now, I’ve written a book about how I did it so other real estate brokers can replicate my success. the book is called, The Very Social Broker: Social Media Secrets & Strategies to Make Your Real Estate Business Explode. Since it’s release last month, it’s already been a hit!

The book is available on Amazon and other retail outlets, co pick up a copy if you’re interested or reach out to me directly if you’d like.

Book description from Amazon:

“The modern real estate market is online, and if you are not making social media an integral part of your marketing strategy, your competitors will soon be eating your lunch.
In 2015, Ryan Garson entered the real estate market with dismal results. Then he tapped into social media techniques that caused his real estate business to explode. Very quickly, he went from selling almost nothing to closing on millions of dollars of business a year. Now he’s sharing his secrets.

In The Very Social Broker, you’ll learn:

• Why your social media isn’t working
• How to turn Instagram into your primary marketing tool
• Strategies for creating killer content that generates leads

You can no longer afford to ignore social media. Ryan Garson shows how you can use it to make your real estate business explode”