We have the answer to that question. Yes, you can DIY in Tribeca!

Part of the fun of owning your own home is making it truly yours. Even if you don’t plan to knock down walls or revamp the kitchen, you can still make your mark on your new home. Here are a few of the ways to do that that even a novice can tackle.

Frost the Windows

While you don’t want to cover up your view, you might just want to add some privacy to a bathroom or bedroom. While curtains or blinds are always options, covering your window with a decorative film gives you the coverage you need without blocking the light. There are hundreds of options to choose from. You can find dozens of choices here. Or, check out the designs available from your local hardware store.

Paint a Wall

It may not seem like much, but a splash of deep marine blue casts a relaxing shadow on an otherwise boring wall. Or consider how a bold citrusy orange throws a bright sunrise glow on a breakfast nook. Painting is probably the most beginner-friendly way to bring some life to an all-white or gray palette. In fact, the nice thing about paint is that it is so forgiving. If you don’t like the color … just paint over it.

Change a Fixture

When you’re ready to take on a little bit more, consider changing out a faucet. Remember to turn off the water before you start. Just in case you drip, keep towels and a bucket or shallow pan handy. Your local hardware dealer can explain the best way to change a fixture. Or, you can what a YouTube video like this one.



Local Hardware Stores

Don’t know where to start? Make friends with the experts at your nearby hardware store. Below is a map of hardware and DIY stores near your new home.

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